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Provided by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra.

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The IHAN testbed is the playground for the future data economy in practice. You can build applications with harmonised data, offer data as data products with new business models and give authenticated users control over their data. Explore the results of the first testbed pilots.

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The future businesses and data markets are built around data sharing nexuses as we call them. Data sharing nexuses are built on standardised and productised data, authentication and consent for easy and scalable development of fair and meaningful applications for both businesses and individuals. Explore why you should be interested in the IHAN testbed as a business user.

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The IHAN community is defining the future data standards and protocols for the base of the future data economy and trusted data sharing for the next era of the internet. You can already explore the first standard examples created in the first pilots on the testbed and join the community for developing the standards.

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We are not yet open for everybody but you can already explore the results of the first testbed pilots and a benchmarking study to other European data economy initiatives as well as learn about the capabilities technologies we use in the developers section. We are now open for new pilots so you can apply with your own data sharing case to become the next IHAN testbed pilot!

Companies have proven the operational and technological concepts to work in their use cases

Together with our first pilot partners we have proved that we can use the internet as one big harmonised database for building meaningful applications for the end users and with the consent of a company or an individual we can control who can use the data. You can now browse the selected IHAN pilot programme outputs to demonstrate what IHAN fair data economy infrastructure enables to build in practice. See, for example what Wärtsilä and SEB did for digitalising the steps in trade finance.

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The IHAN testbed is the fair data economy in practice

The fair data economy initiative lead by Sitra emphasises trust-based use of data which contributes to more personalised services and market competitiveness, better public services and overall well-being. The IHAN testbed develops the practical tools towards the fair data economy and gives the opportunity to test them in practice.

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Join the IHAN testbed community!

We are open for new brave contributors and ambitious pilot companies to build their own data sharing cases on the alpha stage testbed or take part in defining the future standards and business models. In any matter you can reach us via email

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