the European data economy testbed

Provided by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, the closed alpha version is out!

access and offer data

On the IHAN testbed you can build apps with harmonised data, offer data as data products with new business models and give authenticated users the control over their data.

do global business

We are building the future business models for global data exchange covering both monetary and ethical values. How does access to data change our economy, trade, consumer behaviour, finance and taxation and how can your company benefit the most?

use future standards

Turn the internet into fair data markets. The IHAN community is defining the technologies and standards for the next era of the internet.

get started!

IHAN testbed is the playground for the future data economy in practice. It shows how the data can change our lives for the better. What is your story?

Companies can build the first pilots on the testbed

What is easy living with data? Is it possible to productise any data online? Can we use the internet as one big harmonised database for building apps for real users? Is it possible to authenticate anybody remotely and let them control whether the app can use the data or not? The first prototype says yes we can! You can now browse the selected IHAN pilot programme outputs to demonstrate what IHAN fair data economy infrastructure enables to build in practice.

Fair data economy

The fair data economy is a new Finnish-led European initiative for better, trust-based use of personal data, which contributes to more personalised services, market competitiveness, better public services and overall well-being.

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Join the IHAN testbed community!

The testbed is due for public release by early 2021.

We are already open for brave contributors and ambitious pilot companies to build their own data sharing cases on the alpha stage testbed or take part in defining the future standards and business models. Send an email to!